Drive away with the best of Nissan in Malaysia

Regardless of whether you’re in the market for a savvy new NISSAN X-TRAIL Malaysia or you’re wanting to discover a financial plan amicable utilized auto, we have a comment your one of a kind style. Motor Trade is the trustworthy name in emerging automobile dealers in the NISSAN for sales in Malaysia.

We deal in almost every automobile company of the world and provide your favorite automobiles at your doorsteps. NISSAN is a big name in this regards which has more than 100 models till date. Its unique designs, solid characteristics and unmatchable grip on the road has made it a Brand of century. It offers from NISSAN X-TRAIL Malaysia to NISSAN SERENA Malaysia (which is latest entry in the fleet).

We at the Motor Trade deal in the new and good quality 2nd hand cars. Either you are intended to buy a new car for yourself, looking for NISSAN GTR price or you need to sale your NISSAN; we are always here at your services.

Recently we have introduced NISSAN X-TRAIL in Malaysia with great thrust with the introductory crash price of 121000-12700RM which is the lowest rate in history. You can get your brand new 2018 model Nissan X-TRAIL at promotion price. 2018 NISSAN X-TRAIL 2.0L 2018 is an automatic vehicle with the 2000cc engine in SUV body style. It gives Mileage of 0 – 4,999km which is considered excellent. It possess features like CASH REBATE 7k, LEATHER SEAT, 8″ MULTIMEDIA NAVIGATOR, RayTech TINTING, MIRROR LINK, 4 CAMERA, DVR (Recoder), SUN VISOR, DOOR VISOR, CARPET MAT, STAMP BLASTING, STEERING LOCK, FREE PETROL, SMART TAG, TOUCH ‘N’ GO, CAR PERFUME and ROAD TAX HOLDER quality. Its body design makes it stand out amongst other models of NISSAN.

SERENA is another heart throbbing model of NISSAN Malaysia. 2018 NISSAN SERENA 2.0L HIGHWAY STAR is a recently launched model which is available at Motor Trade with the promotional price of RM 117,000 in Malaysia. It has 2000 cc engine which provide a mileage of 0-4,999 km. NISSAN SERENA is an automatic vehicle with MPV body style which is being liked by buyers. It has cool features like ECO Motor with Generator and secondary battery, Idling Stop/Start, ECO-Mode, XTRONIC CVT with Adaptive Shift, Control (ASC), Cruise Control, ABS+EBD+BA, 16″ Alloy Rims, LED Brake and Tail Lamp, Intelligent Key (I-Key), Power Door, Rear Aircond Control, AM/FM Tuner, CD-Player, MP3, AUX Input, 4-Speakers, Dual SRS Airbag System, Flexible Seat Arrangement, 14 Configurations, Multi-Graphic Meter, Second Row Sun Shades and Push Start Button. NISSAN GT-R is also available at the price of 488,000 RM at Motor Trade which has salient features of 3800 cc engine and 5,000 – 10,999km mileage with coupe body style.

2nd hand good conditioned custom cleared NISSAN VEHICLES are also  for sale at Motor Trade with full confidence. We also provide remittance facility for our customers. Our car dealing company accepts the after sales issues and help you solve them including service and registration. Stock is available for … Read More

Functions and Benefits of Car GPS Tracker


What are the Functions and Benefits of Car GPS Tracker

A tool of course will be useful and in feel its benefits if it already has a function and a good role. Similar to GPS, GPS on the car will be very useful if it can perform its role and function properly. As a tool that is created specifically to facilitate and help humans, this GPS also has its own role and function. For information on GPS for RV, you can see it in RV GPS Reviews 2017.

Do you know what exactly the role and function of GPS on the car? Otherwise the following is a review of the role and function of the car GPS tracker.

Here’s the review,

  1. Anticipate theft

The main car gps function is to anticipate theft. By using the GPS in your car you can do the tracking directly so you can easily know the existence of the location of your car with accurate. Not only that, by using GPS on the car, you can also easily turn off your car engine just by using sms even if it is done remotely. However, these excellent advantages can only be felt by certain car brands only.

  1. Set the schedule

The second function of GPS installed in the car is that it can be used to set the schedule. Schedule here means the schedule of your vehicles, it certainly makes it easier for you who have a car rental service business.

  1. See the history of the journey

By using your car’s GPS, you can also find out the travel history of your vehicle. Even, if you are not driving it yourself or being carried by someone else. This is very easy for you who also have a car rental business.

These functions can be felt instantly without any influence and need only one tool or you can enjoy GPS benefits and functions in your car with just a smartphone.

Those are some functions that we can describe for you, hopefully with this information you can be interested to install GPS on your car as a safety or a good controller. Hopefully this information can be useful and thank you.… Read More

Repair Cracked Pipes With Various Types of Sewer Linings

Sewer linings can repair cracked pipes without the need for replacement of the sewer lines or destruction of the surrounding area. One who requires a sewer pipe replacement should consider his or her options first. After all, a complete sewer pipe replacement may not be necessary at all times. In fact, relining the existing pipes can be an alternative that is better.

Pipe Relining

If the sewer lines are near driveways, landscaping, sidewalks, or trees, a full sewer excavation causes collateral damage and expense to the area. Also, pipe relining is the better alternative for replacing sewer pipes. Furthermore, these materials enable the pipe interiors to rehabilitate without the need for replacement.

These are the types of pipe relining systems in use today:

#1: Cured-in Place

For repairing trenchless relining systems, the cured-in place piping is a suitable method. The setup remotely lines the cracked section of the pipe without the need for digging a trench. After cleaning and drying the interior of the pipe, installers will apply linings to the problem area. Lastly, the liner is “cured-in place” with hot steam that molds into the cracks in the pipe. At this point, re-sealing will occur automatically, and there ends the pipe’s rehabilitation.

#2: Pull-in Place

For pipes with larger cracks and gaps, the pull-in place is a convenient lining method. First, the material seeps into the pipe through heating, similar to steam. Next, the professionals pull the epoxy-saturated liner into the area that needs repair. At this point, the system requires two access points, one for feeding and the other to pull it through. Lastly, the workers introduce the pipe to reveal the sleeve and hold it against the pipe interior until it dries up.

#3: Pipe Bursting

For severely damaged pipes, the pipe-bursting method may be of use. In fact, replacing entire pipe systems and repairing larger parts of the sewer pipeline is the forte of pipe bursting. First, the workers will find a physical access to the pipe before they can begin repairs. Also, they may need two four-foot access pits at one end of the pipeline

First, the workers will place a “bursting head” at the designated access point. They will make use of hydraulic power to drag said head through the pipe. As it goes through the pipe system, it breaks apart the old pipe and produces a new, seamless pipe. Furthermore, the new pipe uses a plastic material that resists root intrusion for up to a century.

#4: Internal Pipe Coating

Certified technicians will utilize an internal pipe coating for repairing a sewer pipe which has begun leaking into the soil. They will drain the pipes completely to get rid of water, and this is only preparation for treatment. Next, they will spray thick epoxy coating on the interior to permanently seal the cracks and gaps throughout the pipeline.

Do note that all these pipe relining techniques replace the old pipe with a new seamless one that lasts for generations.

Hiring Professional Plumbers

Pipe … Read More

Simple Ways to Upgrade Your RV

After investing in an RV and using it for a while, you might start to notice that there are certain things missing. Making some upgrades and modifications is easy, though, so you don’t need to worry about going without what you need for a comfortable trip. Thanks to providers like RecPro, you can make a variety of fantastic upgrades to any RV, whether you drive a Class A, B, or C. Keep reading to learn more about how to upgrade an RV so that it will suit your needs perfectly.

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LED Lights

You can add LED lights to the interior and exterior of your vehicle, wherever you see fit. These simple bulbs are compact yet powerfully bright, and they also remain cool to the touch. Plus, they are super energy efficient and long-lasting, and that is always a good thing when you are in an RV. Many RV owners will go ahead and upgrade their internal light fixtures with LED bulbs if the vehicle didn’t already come with them built-in, but you can also add them to the outside of your vehicle to help you save battery power while you are camping.

A Solar Panel

When you are living far from home in an RV, you want to create and save as much energy as possible and a solar panel can help you do that. It is no surprise that many modern RVs today come with a solar panel on the roof already, but if your vehicle is older, you probably don’t have one. In that case, you would have to invest in solar power and have it installed. Don’t worry, though, this investment will be worthwhile, and you will be especially grateful for it when you are camping off-grid and you don’t want to use your generator.

A Ventilation Fan

Installing a ventilation fan in your RV is a great way to keep your RV comfortable and cool, especially on hot days. On top of that, it is a wonderful tool that you can use to remove excess moisture from the inside of your vehicle during the colder months of the year. And when you shower or cook and steam or smoke is created, you can simply turn the fan on to clear it all out and keep the air inside your vehicle clean and free of odors. If your RV came with a fan already built in but you are not happy with it because of the way it functions, you can invest in a new ventilation fan and have the existing fans replaced.

It is clear to see that there are a variety of RV upgrades that you can make to your vehicle. Some of these upgrades will be simple and inexpensive, while others will be more complicated and costly, and some may even require the help of an expert. But no matter what type of upgrade you make, you can rest assured that it will serve to make your RV even better … Read More

How to Maintain Your RV

Your RV is your ticket to freedom on the open road, so you don’t want to compromise its value or its ability to get you places by causing it to deteriorate. Neglecting proper maintenance protocols will cause your RV to not only lose its value but it will also inhibit your vehicle’s ability to function at its best. Thankfully, maintaining your RV to keep it in tip-top shape doesn’t have to be difficult and the short guide below will help you get started.

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Keep Things Running

If you are planning on keeping your RV dormant for a long time, or if you are going to have it on a full hookup for an extended period, make it a point to use its systems just to give them a workout. Periodically running your RV’s systems will help keep them in good working condition. For example, utilize the water pump every now and then and also make it a point to run your generator for about 30 minutes once a month. In this way, if you find that a system is not running as it should, you can find the appropriate materials at places like RestoreRV to get everything running like new again.

Keep an Eye on the Voltage

Invest in a multimeter in order to keep an eye on the main voltages in your RV. When they are not being charged, your main coach batteries will be anywhere from 12.4 to 12.8 volts, so if you are getting a reading that is under 12 volts, you will know that it is too low. In terms of AC voltage, on the other hand, anything higher than 130 volts would be considered too high while anything under 108 volts would be considered too low.

Keep Everything Sealed

Make it a point to regularly check your RV for any holes or cracks along its many seams and seals. If water ends up penetrating, it could cause a lot of damage that will cost a lot of money to repair. The last thing that you want is for a leak to go undetected, only to cause the buildup of mold and rot that can be damaging and dangerous. Be proactive so that you can catch problems right away.

Keep the Waste Water System Running Well

One of the biggest perks of riding around in an RV is the fact that you can take a shower, go to the bathroom, and even cook meals in your vehicle. But, this requires maintaining the wastewater system. And that includes ensuring that the right chemicals are being used with the gray water and black water systems in your vehicle, as well as making sure that you flush your vehicle’s wastewater system regularly. Failing to do so will cause excessive buildup that could clog the system and prevent it from operating.

With the tips above, you can effectively maintain your RV so that it will not only look its best but also operate at its … Read More