Why Inspect Your Trailer Before Loading On Your Horses?

Whether you own a stable or just keep your horses in a local stable, you’ll occasionally need to remove those magnificent creatures for a few hours or more. You may want to take those horses to a competition or show in the hopes of winning prizes, take them to a prospective buyer who wants to purchase one or because you agreed to let a school or organization use those animals for the day. Before you put a single animal on your trailer, you should inspect that ride for a few different reasons.


Keep Yourself Safe

You’ll want to check that trailer before loading on your horses to increase your safety on the road. Even if you plan on taking the back roads and driving at a lower speed, there is a chance that the trailer might come lose and leave you spiraling across the road. Pay special attention to the lights to ensure that the trailer lights work with your own vehicle lights. This will alert vehicles behind you when you need to come to a stop or make a turn.


Protect Your Horses

Doing a simple inspection of that trailer can protect your horses and keep them safe too. Horse trailers often have open areas that allow air to come inside, which keeps the horses’ internal temperature from climbing too high. If there is any debris trapped in those open areas, it will keep the air from reaching the horses and make make them overheat or become sick. You should also check the floor of the trailer for any metal pieces or trash that the horses can step on during the ride. Make sure the lock works as well to keep the horses from escaping from the trailer.


Save Money

Horse owners should always do a full trailer inspection before taking those animals for a ride because it helps them save money. When you find that you need new electric trailer jack parts, you can order those parts online in advance and make the repairs that you need before the big day. If you wait until the last minute, you’ll find yourself paying more for those same parts. Making basic repairs saves you money on your insurance rates too because you’ll avoid accidents that can make your rates rise. Inspecting your horse trailer helps you stay safe and keep your animals safe too.… Read More


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Living Life on the Road: How to Live the Life of Your Dreams

Many people are leaving the real world and behind and opting for a life more well-lived on the road. They are selling their homes, quitting their jobs, and preparing for a life underneath a different patch of stars.

While all this sounds like a dream come true, it does take a ton of planning in order to make it happen. I know that the few people I know who have opted for this life had to cash in their 401k, buy a new car or even RV, take on a second job to start saving, and sell most if not all of their things.

The thing is, while all this sounds challenging, many believe the reward for living a life on the road is worth all this and more.

So, let’s say you have made the decision to finally hit the road and make this happen. Here are some quick tips to help you get the ball rolling and stay rolling.

Make sure you have a reliable vehicle.

Whether it’s a car, SUV, or even an RV, take it in to be serviced to ensure it is ready to go. You do not want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere at 3 AM.

Be prepared.

I am sure the excitement is going to replace some common sense here, but the truth is, you do have to take some precautions before you go. Make sure you have cash if cards get compromised, pack a first-aid kit for safe keeping, and bring a map in case you head somewhere where there’s no internet. Make a checklist of all the things that could go wrong, and then find a solution for them.

Have fun!

You already made the hard decision to live this lifestyle, now go do it! Try and leave your worries behind, bring a camera (or buy a new one if you have to!), keep a travel journal and just go for it!… Read More

The Advantage of Buying a Used Car

Every year, car companies release new products more and more. In fact, almost every month there is always a new vehicle. Now, as the number of new vehicles, used cars must increase too. Most people tend to be fanatical about used cars. Actually, buy used cars was not bad, it has many advantages or benefits. This time we will provide an overview advantages of buying used cars instead of new. Like what? Here’s the review!

One of the main reasons why most people choose a used car is in terms of cost. Their depreciation value of the goods after use, making the price of new cars dropped when we want to resale. But another thing again with the automatic cars, usually used car for sale has a standard depreciation rates with much lower values ​​when compared with the new car.

Everyone must have the criteria for each car of his dreams such as bmw cars for sale, but often the price of the car is very expensive. Another thing, when the targeting used car, you can choose the specifications that match the desired criteria, but also supported by a much more affordable price.

Every year renowned automotive brands always launch new-type cars with the specification that is much better than before. So that means, there will be plenty of choice used cars that have been sold in the market. You can freely go directly to the showroom and choose the car’s features and brand you want, also with the support at an affordable price must be specific. Does not such a case would be much more impressive can bring home a dream car at a bargain price? Therefore, it would not hurt if at from now on you to start thinking about buy cars.

Today many car dealers selling used cars with the condition of the car is still very good. From the looks of the outside still looks like a new car. Therefore, you must be smart to look for a used car young age and mileage are also still small. If lucky, you’ll get a used car quality is still good.… Read More