Terms of Using Car Delivery Service

Maybe we can easily choose a car transportation service based on the company’s reputation, insurance coverage, price comparison, and so on. But as a good customer we are also required to meet various requirements to smooth the delivery process of auto transportation. What should we do on the car before we ship through the car shipping expedition service?

To avoid defects on the way we should remove personal items in the car, including the trunk. In this case the car shipping service only provides car insurance coverage, not including the contents. In essence, the expedition service company shall not be liable for any defects or damages, and shall not bear or replace any items in the lost car. Recommended when shipped the car in empty condition and free of any goods, except fuel.

Before sent the car washed carefully the exterior of the car. Then note if there is any defect or damage. When necessary to be photographed then documented covers all parts of the car from all angles. In case of bad things photo documentation can be used for insurance claims. When picking up the car from the sender, most likely the car will be ridden, as well as when loading and unloading at the port of destination. Therefore, the machine must be ensured in good condition including other parts such as battery, tire, engine oil, axle, gearbox, cooler, and others. Do not hesitate to let the car dispatch service problem commonly experienced cars so they are better prepared to take action.

When a car is delivered it should be fueled by less than half the tank. This means that fuel is calculated only for the process of picking up the car, the loading and unloading process on the ship, and for delivery to the destination address. If full-tank fuel will be dangerous if leaking or spill while on board.

Cars that use alarms should be disabled first. This is to avoid the alarm sounds accidentally, causing the battery runs out or damaged. If you cannot disable it should contact the dealer or the alarm installer. For more details about the delivery requirements of the car, you should contact the car delivery service related to the preparation that must be done.